About Us

The mandate of the Council is to further the interests and to conserve the rights of members of the Council and to promote their general welfare. The Council's role is to formulate and advocate policies, legislation and regulations that are beneficial to our membership by working with the appropriate governmental and industrial agencies. This is done by utilizing a wide range of political, bureaucratic and Association contacts which have been developed over the time the council has existed and previously, as the British Columbia Tow Boat Owners Association. These contacts range from Inspectors in the field in organizations such as Transport Canada, Industry Canada and the Workers Compensation Board to various Ministers and senior governmental officials at all levels of Government from municipal through to Provincial and Federal. The Council maintains links in both Canada, the United States as well as abroad. We also have close relations with similar organizations such as our own including the Canadian Shipowner's Association, the BC Chamber of Shipping, the Chamber of Maritime Commerce, the Shipping Federation, WESTAC, the American Waterways Operators and the various Marine Exchanges across the US.

Although all member companies benefit from our efforts when we succeed in achieving more sensible or appropriate regulations or standards that would apply to the industry, we often work directly with full and associate members at an individual level to craft solutions to their own particular interests and issues.

Subject to the provisions of federal and provincial legislation, the Council may establish and administer on behalf of member companies, plans and schemes providing welfare, medical and health insurance, vacation plans, retirement benefit schemes for, or with respect to, members employees and their families.

In addition, the Council establishes and implements safety programs, as well as training and retraining programs for seagoing employees. We promote safety in operations and adopt and promote the adoption by our members of modern methods, devices, rules and regulations conducive to the attainment of safety in operations.

There are two types of membership within the Council of Marine Carriers, namely Full and Affiliate members. Full membership is open to any individual, firm or corporation which owns or operates vessels, towboats or barges and employs seagoing personnel. Affiliate members are any other individuals, firms or organizations that the CMC Board of Directors declares eligible to become members. All memberships are voted upon by the CMC Board of Directors. Full Members may participate in all activities and receive all services and benefits including those relating to collective bargaining and health and welfare programs. Full members may vote at CMC General meetings and may nominate directors to the CMC Board. All members are encouraged to become involved in CMC activities, particularly by participating in the various committees which are the very core of CMC operations. All CMC member companies receive a discounted registration fee at the bi-annual CMC Towboat Conference.

Membership application forms are available by contacting the Council of Marine Carriers office.